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Welcome to the Trimble Pivot Web Application! This is The Utah Reference Network (TURN GPS) running on the Trimble Pivot Platform
You may Login using your User Name and Password. If you don't have an account yet click on the Register link. Select the New Registration button, fill out the required info and you will be notified by email when the payment goes through.
If you need to Renew an account select the Select the Register link and click on the Renew Subscription button.
Current cost is $600 for each User Login and is good for a full year.
Click on the Sensor Map to view all the stations in the network.

TURN GPS is a state wide network of permanently located GPS receivers. Through partnerships between Cities, Counties, State, and Private Companies we generate real time high accuracy GPS positioning.
TURN GPS is used for a range of precision GPS applications including surveying, engineering, construction, and GIS data collection. A VRS network improves productivity while at the same time reduces costs, by eliminating the need to set up a base station.